Professional Services for the Medical Industry

BZT-TCP Certification GmbH is an EU Authorised Representative, work with specialists, competence and neutrality; combined with the international presence of a global player make BZT to your partner with the key to the EU market.

Beside as an EU Authorised Representative, the BZT-TCP Certification GmbH operates worldwide as an independent Certification Services Provider; founded in Germany in 1997.

With established the BZT worked as designated Notified Body EMC, Notified Body R&TTE for the EU, TCB-FCC for the USA and FCB-IC for Canada. Above these business areas comprised as well for LVD, Safety GS mark, CB Scheme and Medical Equipment.

The BZT operates in compliance to the general requirements of ISO/IEC 17065:2012.

The long-time experience at the global market gives an extensive expert knowledge to the company. BZT independence provides the industry a neutral partner for certifications with a comprehensive time schedule and price structure.

With our mother company TCP Asia Pacific Co. Limited, as a designated Testing Services Provider, the BZT is also able to offer testing services under the global network of the TCP-Group. TCP provide service in compliance testing to international standards and requirements with its main on Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), Telecommunications, LVD, Electrical Safety, Medical Equipment, Toys, RoHS/WEEE and REACH for the international markets in Europe, America and Asia Pacific.

Over the past 25 years the BZT-TCP supported several thousands of manufacturers in Europe, Asia, Australia and America to place their products successfully to the European Market.

Our Management - Team

1 Authorised Representative BZT AR IVDR MDR UDI

Chief Executive Officer
- EU -

Alexander Genz gets over 15 years of professional experiences in the Product Compliance business. He starts his career in a German Testing Laboratory with compliance testing for radio communications, EMC and medicals. Finally, he was able to implement hundreds of projects to place these on the EU market. Later he works on European regulatory affairs for the EU market.
Alexander is a professional manager who encourages his team to achieve top performance day by day. He is in charge to lead the European business of the BZT-AR.

2 Authorised Representative BZT AR IVDR MDR UDI

Chief Executive Officer
- Asia -

Dr. Dietmar Genz is founder, owner and CEO of the TCP group since 1995. He has professional experiences in the Testing and Certification Business since 1988; starts his career as a testing engineer and operate as CEO of Testing Laboratories, EU Notified Bodies, International Certification Bodies and large Green Renewable Energy projects. He supports thousands of customers to place their products successfully on the EU and worldwide markets. Dr. Genz is in charge to lead the Asian business of the BZT-AR and TCP group.

4 Authorised Representative BZT AR IVDR MDR UDI

Chief Financial Officer

Heike Becher gets over 8 years of experiences of teaching, in public and regulatory affairs. She devoted to the study on test methods and standard compilation, as well as management affairs. By implementing many projects related to the introduction of medical devices on the EU market, she provides support in the Conformity Assessment process. Heike is in charge to lead the financial affairs of the BZT-AR.

3 Authorised Representative BZT AR IVDR MDR UDI

Chief Operating Officer

Dewi Utami has over 3 years of experiences in business development and operation management in the Product Compliance industry. She is mainly responsible for consultations with foreign device manufacturers on regulatory affairs and clinical trials consultations. She coordinates cooperation’s between BZT-AR experts and clients. Dewi put all her effort into the BZT-AR to bring them to a worldwide leader in the Product Compliance business.

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